ai-buddha-1aHi and wellcome.

Fed up with WordPress accelerated decrepitude on (NO)GoDaddy, I have decided to start “From Scratch”.

So here’s my new site: New everything and no comprende mobile yet. Come back though and click on my links so you can support my extravagant lifestyle in the trailer park.

My Royalties payment for the last quarter was a whopping 17 dollars 19 cents; just enough to buy a six-pack…

So now I have a job and you can enjoy my off the wall muzac almost for free – yeah baby!

Keep eyes and ears peeled for updates, ’cause right now I’m on a roll and working on my 8th album, which will probably elevate my music income to 45 dollars a year, yay! Jokes aside though, next album is gonna be a howler in an avantgarde and commercial sense, poppy down tempo, but most of all it’s gonna be Dharma, but not as we know it Jim!

Enjoy P