Hi and welcome.

Welcome to my new site, new everything and for 2017, which is a numerology 1, a reset year, there are new and exciting tunes in the pipeline.

Am on a new musical journey of joy and light.
Keep eyes and ears peeled for updates, ’cause right now I’m on a roll and working on my 8th album.

Serious though, next album is in the pipeline and working on it hard. It’s gonna be a howler, not only  in an Avantgarde sense, but mostly because of all the beautiful  Dharma lyrics, which for the first time since I started taking inspiration from it, is all sung in plain English. It is an interesting album in respect of sound design as well and i had to learn a lot of new gear, synths, vocoders, filters, in fact a whole raft of plugins I would never have touched otherwise. Had forgotten how satisfying it is to carve a rich, harmonically interesting Analogue bass sequencer or an ethereal, otherworldly bell arpeggio. What makes it most interesting to me is that I didn’t use a single guitar chop on this. It is pure electronic. (OK, I did compose some of the progressions and bass-lines on the axe, but they all got manifested in cyber realm as synthetic sounds. Anyway, it’s coming…

If you like, check out some of my other albums and compositions on Spottily, iTunes or CD Baby, links to your right…