Peter is perhaps best described as a Renaissance man with an indomitable spirit and healing energy. Peter studied the High Arts at the prestigious Art Academy in Kassel, Germany and has a background in Analytical Chemistry. He has a keen interest in current science theories and their integration with spiritual practices, music, nutrition  and human evolution.

He is a meditator of 15 years and his daily routine incorporates rigorous Vajrayana Buddhist practice. He was a core student of the late Venerable Geshe Palden Tsering, a Tibetan Buddhist master of unsurpassed skill and qualities, who always emphasized compassion and kindness to all living beings. Peter realised the import of a strong mind-body connection through many years of athletic endeavor, Martial Arts and Bodybuilding, thus having developed sound understanding and applicable knowledge of proprioception, kinaesthesia and movement efficiency.

Peter is a prolific musician, having released critically acclaimed CDs in six genres, film scores, soundtracks for childrens’ TV and live performances to standing ovations at festivals like WOMAD.