Peter is an Avantgarde musician living in New Zealand.
Originally from northern Germany, he quickly established himself as a leading avantgarde guitarist and composer for film and television, with his outstanding sense of pop/jazz/blues/ melody and hooks. He has worked with New Zealand’s top performance artists to wide acclaim, playing to standing ovations at Womad and Free Tibet. Peter is a prolific multi instrumentalist, embedded in the world, dance and ambient styles of electronic music. He is a long-time Buddhist with a profound mastery of the esoteric one voice chord chant.
He has just released “Healing Mantras“, an album of beneficial Tibetan Buddhist Mantras foe this age chanted in Gyuto Tantric voice. This singularly beautiful recording of precious healing mantras is available for download and on Spotify. Peter’s rendition of the Amithaba Mantra in authentic Gyuto Tantric voice has just won a silver medal for best ambient male vocalist in the 2016 Global Music Awards.

He is a meditator of 15 years and his daily routine incorporates rigorous Vajrayana Buddhist practice. Peter studied Performance Art and Fluxus in the late ’70s under Professor Harry Kramer at the Art academy in Kassel and immigrated to New Zealand in 1983 where he forged a new life for himself, started a family and went through life learning various skill-sets, knowledge and wisdom. He always played music in one capacity or another though, whether it was with the avantgarde ensemble Nexus, with Fire Circle or in solo projects writing music for childrens television shows and documentaries.

Peter has produced and released a catalogue of music in many different genres, movie and TV soundtracks and jingles. He continues to expand his palette. His music, spanning over 35 years, is well enjoyed by audience and critics alike. It is melodically rich and accessible. His compositions are signified by an intelligence that’s sometimes compared by his peers with composers like Bach or Mozart translated into the modern context of an ever-evolving musical vortex that is Peter’s music.